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Technique Bars

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Good: 5 KG Aluminum Tech Bar: A great way to train your Oly lifting technique, the 5kg Aluminum Tech Bar is also a great entry level lightweight bar for beginners, kids, or athletes gradually rehabbing from an injury.

Better: Rogue 15 LB Technique Bar: These lightweight, 28mm diameter bars are built with the same distance between collars as the competition bars and feature competition knurling. This allows the athlete to maintain proper grip position and feel as they progress to a higher level barbell.

Best: Rogue 10KG Junior Bar: A top quality 25mm bar unlike any other on the market, the 10kg Junior Bar is an excellent choice for the young buck learning the Olympic lifts. The distance between collars is exactly like the competition bars, prepping beginners for an easy transition to their first standard Oly bar.