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Good: Rogue Deadlift Platform: This 8'x4' platform features a 2x2"" steel frame with optional rubber tiles available for flooring. The Deadlift Platform's band pegs are extra long to work with longer specialty barbells in addition to standard barbells.

Better: Rogue Oly Platform: This 6'x8' platform has a 2x2"" steel frame that bolts together with gusseted corners. The rubber surface is shock absorbing and sound dampening, and will cause less wear and tear on your equipment on heavy drops during regular Oly lifting work.

Best: Rogue 8' x 8' Oly Platform: A classic Olympic lifting platform with a little extra real estate. Utilizing 2”x2” 11-gauge steel, the platform’s frame bolts together easily with gusseted corners. From there, you can add in a full 16-pack of our shock-absorbing rubber tiles or use your own plywood sheets in the center to finish the job.