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Good: Rogue V2 Gun Rack: The V2 Gun Rack features precision-bent, 7-gauge steel brackets and a unique rung design that will support either the sleeve or the shaft of any standard weight bar. Safely holds up to six bars at once. Better: Rogue 9 Bar holder: This compact, vertical bar storage unit features nine DOM steel tubes (drawn over mandrel) secured within two laser-cut sheets of 7-gauge steel. Because DOM tubing is noted for a smooth internal finish free from burrs and weld spatter, they’re ideal for protecting the sleeves of your barbells from unnecessary scratches. Best: Rogue 10 Bar holder: This American-made floor unit sets itself apart from other vertical barbell storage racks by featuring ten individual 2" diameter tubes, each supported by 2x3” 11-gauge steel. These storage tubes will securely hold most standard Olympic barbells above the ground while also preventing any contact or damage to the bar’s knurling.